Family & Wealth

We give you the power to determine your families’ financial and physical well being even beyond your lifespan by assisting with creating a plan for your minor children in the instance you cannot take care of them; planning for what happens if you become ill and can no longer care for yourself; and by giving you the ability to decide what happens to your money and assets after they pass.

A La Carte Services

Advance Directives for Healthcare


Durable Power of Attorney


Financial Power of Attorney


Extra Meeting

Do you have additional questions that weren’t answered during our initial face to face meeting? Or, if circumstances have significantly changed, please feel free to schedule some time to further discuss your plan with the attorney.


Plan Review

If your Estate Plan has significantly changed since it was originally drafted, my office will gladly review your old documents and determine if simple revisions can accomplish your new goals or if a new plan may be the best way to further plan for your future.


Administration and Probate Services

Estate Administration

We are happy to assist your family with gathering all aspects of the estate and ensuring all bills & expenses are paid, final taxes have been filed and the estate is properly wrapped up. (schedule consultation for pricing)

Probate Litigation

If your Will or Trust is being contested, the documents were not properly drawn up to avoid Probate or any other occurance which requires assistance with Probate Court our office is happy to assist. (schedule consultation for pricing)